Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” Featured In Dior Homme Commercial


While some fans still believe that Leonard Cohen didn’t allow his work to be used in commercials, there are many ads disproving this notion (see, for example, Leonard Cohen Goes Commercial – The “I’m Your Man” Brut de Fabergé Ad and Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” Featured In Fleur Du Male TV Commercial). This Dior Homme commercial was released in March 2020 in the United States under the title “Dior Homme: I’m Your Man.” The lead actor, Robert Pattinson, talks about the ad.1

The claim of the new campaign is “I’m your man”. What does it stand for? Does it mean anything personal/particular for you?

Robert Pattinson: I’ve always loved Leonard Cohen and the song is so beautiful, so I think that comes to mind first. Leonard Cohen is my man.

The fragrance is officially described as “A spicy, woody scent with a distinctly sexy signature. A subtle trail that leaves a unique impression, synonymous with a style that’s alluring, casual and free.”

Thanks to Jo Meul, who alerted me to this ad.

  1. How Robert Pattinson leaves a lasting impression through Dior Homme’s new fragrance by Derrick Tan (Esquire: Mar 19, 2020) []

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