Striking Images: Only Known Photos Of 1974 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert

Leonard Cohen Concert Photos
Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam – Oct 2, 1974

These photos, taken by Pete Purnell at the Oct 2, 1974 Leonard Cohen Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam concert, are the only known photos from this show.

Pete comments on attending this concert:

The venue is in fact an ice rink named after a Dutch skating hero, Jaap Eden. My most vivid non photographic memory of the occasion is that of arriving very early and standing at the glass doors of the entrance adjacent to the stage. Inside we could hear, but not see, Leonard playing “Who By Fire.”

1974 Band Members: Jeff Layton (banjo, guitar, mandolin, strings), Johnny Miller (bass), John Lissauer (keyboards, saxophone, woodwind), Erin Dickens (vocals), Emily Bindiger (vocals)

Leonard Cohen In Concert 1974-1993: Photos By Pete Purnell: Pete Purnell has contributed remarkable photos he took at Leonard Cohen concerts in the 1970s and 1980s.

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