No one wakes up and says, “Yes, today is a good day for a colonoscopy.”

The colonoscopy quote1 in the heading may be my favorite of all the declarations made about improving patient compliance. My second favorite, also from the same article, is

Getting people to do the things they need to do
to keep themselves healthy is tricky.

In addition to offering great quotes, this piece is one of the best articles on noncompliance I’ve seen in the lay press. While it is not all-inclusive, it does also offer outstanding advice for patients coping with a difficult medication regimen (e.g., taking meds that might produce severe side-effects). Heck, it’s even inspirational.


Credit Due Department: Photo by CSIRO, CC BY 3.0, via Wikamedia


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  1. From Mind Your Body: Doctors’ Orders—Without Distress by Jay Dixit (Psychology Today: January 1, 2008) []

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