The 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour In 60 Seconds

Time For Leonard Cohen

Even the casual Leonard Cohen fan1 is aware that the Canadian poet-novelist-singer-songwriter-icon is an incredibly effective but not a fast-paced entertainer. He sings long sets of long songs.

That creates a problem for those who wish to relive the glories of the 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour: who has the time to indulge in a retrospective of a three year accumulation of four-hour concerts?

As readers know, DrHGuy is no Lenny-come-lately to this battle against time. His PowerPoint versions of First We Take Manhattan and Take This Waltz, for example, cut the time needed to experience either song from over six minutes to less than two minutes.

Now, Cohencentric Studios has crunched the entire 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour, including the triggering events, into one 60-second video. a presentation even the busiest CEO, the most harassed flunky, the most put-upon house spouse, and the ADHD-est youngster can enjoy and appreciate.

The Ne Plus Ultra Condensed 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour Video

As one might expect, given the reformatting of the fundamental elements of time and space necessary in creating this piece, viewing this video is not without its risks. Those with a history of heavy hallucinogen use or anyone who spent more than 30 consecutive days in San Francisco during the 1960s may experience flashbacks. Those vulnerable to vertigo or motion-induced nausea should contact their physicians before viewing the presentation and may find a prophylactic dose of Dramamine helpful.

Further, rigorous focus is required. Blinking is discouraged. Be alert.

Around The Leonard Cohen World Tour In 60 Seconds

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  1. The “casual Leonard Cohen fan” is, of course, a hypothetical if not totally fictional construct, not unlike the unicorn, which perhaps could exist but has yet to be verifiably sighted. In practice, those who admire Leonard Cohen can be divided into two groups, the hard core Cohenites and the ABTKA (All But The Kool-Aid) Cohen fans. (And, yes, I know Leonard doesn’t like to call his followers “fans,” but he doesn’t have to post on a blog every day, does he? If I only had to write a handful of songs every decade or so, I could avoid using the word “fans” too.) []

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