“In a sense, it was written for my Gypsy wife, in other words, the wife [Susan Elrod] that was wandering away.” Leonard Cohen Unfolds, Sings “The Gypsy’s Wife”

Leonard Cohen On The Heart Of “The Gypsy’s Wife”

This excerpt from the Harry Rasky documentary, The Song of Leonard Cohen,1 contains an especially explicit discussion by Leonard of the portion of his life captured in the song.

Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Elrod

In 1969, Leonard and Suzanne Elrod, an accomplished photographer and artist, began a relationship that resulted in the birth of two children, Adam in 1972 and Lorca in 1974, both of whom are pictured in the video clip and in the screenshot below.

The relationship between Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Elrod ended by 1979, when the documentary was filmed. That final disruption is the focus of “The Gypsy’s Wife.”

The Video Of Leonard Cohen’s “The Gypsy’s Wife”

In addition to the explication and a solid performance of the song, Leonard also reads his poem, “Slowly I Married Her.”

Leonard Cohen – The Gypsy’s Wife

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  1. For those interested in learning more about The Song of Leonard Cohen, I recommend the concise, well written Review by Dick Straub. []

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