Watch Leonard Cohen’s Complete 1993 MTV Interview On Democracy, Society, Songwriting, Poetry, & Miami Vice

This video of the June 14, 1993 MTV interview with Leonard Cohen is accompanied by a helpful index:

0:07 Reaction to Leonard Cohen’s fan record
1:22 Do you think the music industry really underestimates the intelligence of your audience
2:40 Do you think there is any kind of change happening in the music industry
3:12 Leonard gives his thoughts on changes during the 70s and 80s
4:07 Do people like to think they are being experimental or revolutionary from time to time
4:45 what seems experimental in the 60s may be the norm in the 80s
5:08 what were your musical aspirations when you left Greece and came back here and move to Nashville
5:55 what that your reason for switching gears to a non-musical poet novelist?
6:34 what was your reason for going to Greece?
7:30 Leonard talks about his album, ‘The Future’ – is it about Nostradamus
9:00 Leonard explains how music makes his lyrics less dismal
9:55 Spirituality and Male/Female Relationships in Leonard Cohen’s songs
11:03 How do you relationships now affect your album ‘The Future’
11:44 Leonard explains ‘Closing Time’
12:30 Leonard Cohen hopes for his songs to live for a long time
13:30 Leonard gives his insights to his lyrics
14:15 Do you worry giving your meaning of a song possibly take away the meaning of the song to someone else?
15:15 Leonard goes deeper in to the meaning behind the lyrics for ‘Closing Time’
18:55 Everyone has to pitch in to make changes in the world and help each other out
19:54 Leonard provides a lot of input to his music videos
20:33 Do you always have some kind of concept that you want to do for the video?
20:53 Leonard talks his acting career
22:33 Leonard talks about his song ‘Democracy’
24:24 Do you think people love it and treasure it? [in regards to Leonard’s song ‘Democracy’]
25:58 Leonard talks about how he started as a guitar player but utilized keyboard mostly on his latest album
27:46 Leonard talks about his tour

In this full interview, Leonard Cohen discusses his theories on life, acting, democracy in the United States and the future.



Credit Due Department: Thanks to Lennard Torbijn, who alerted me to this video, and to Erik van Bemmelen, who made Lennard Torbijn aware of it.

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