Brilliant Sharon Robinson Photos From The 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour

I originally posted these shots on October 2, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric, in hopes of identifying the photographers. Incredibly enough, that worked. It turns out that Marc Roed took the two stellar photos of Sharon Robinson atop this post at the Aug 26, 2012 Leonard Cohen Aalborg concert. (Special thanks go to Véro Chô, who recognized Marc’s photos.) The evocative photo immediately below was taken by Ria Bellen at the August 12, 2012 Ghent concert. The final image, the superb photo of Sharon looking determined/miffed (I initially thought Sharon looked miffed. On reflection, however, I now believe she looks determined – of course, she could be determined because she’s miffed, but still …), was taken by Ingrid van Daele at the August 17, 2012 Ghent concert.

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