Chapel Hill: May 19, 2021

OK, there’s nothing exceptional in this photo I took from our second story deck of our Chapel Hill home this morning. The landscape isn’t awe-inspiring, nothing much is happening other than the Jackson Browne songs playing on my iPhone, but this scene. at least for me, resonates with Leonard Cohen’s List Of His Pleasures At Age 82, Weeks Before His Death. So in this almost-post-pandemic era, this is special.

2 thoughts on “Chapel Hill: May 19, 2021

  1. I can totally relate to the simple pleasures in life, especially at the moment.
    And our airwaves must be somewhat aligned as yesterday I listened to Jackson Browne’s album “I’m Alive”.
    My favourite songs on it are “Sky Blue and Black” and “Too Many Angels”.

  2. ….and I forgot to say at the moment I’m listening to my favourite JB album, “Late For The Sky”.
    Not one bad song on it!

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