Read Leonard Cohen’s Eloquent Statement To The Court At Sentencing Of Kelley Lynch For Harassment – April 17, 2012

The Sentencing

In continuing converge of the trial of Kelley Lynch, Leonard Cohen’s former manager, for harassment of Cohen, Hailey Branson-Potts of the Los Angeles Times reports in Leonard Cohen’s former business manager jailed for harassment (April 18, 2012) that after being found guilty last week [at time of original posting] by a jury on five counts of violating no-contact protective orders and two counts of repeatedly contacting Leonard Cohen with the intent to annoy or harass, Kelley Lynch was sentenced by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert C. Vanderet to 18 months in Los Angeles County jail for violating restraining orders and sending Cohen and others thousands of harassing email and voice mail messages.

The article goes on:

Lynch, who was dressed in a blue jail jumpsuit and handcuffed to a chair, also was sentenced to five years’ probation. She is barred from owning, possessing or using deadly weapons, including firearms, for 10 years.

While in custody, she must undergo anger management classes, psychological training and alcohol education sessions. Upon release, she will be required to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Judge Vanderet prefaced the sentencing by saying Lynch, 55, showed no remorse for a “long, unrelenting barrage of harassing behavior” and “No person should be subject to that kind of targeting by anyone,”

Kelley Lynch’s Statement To The Court

The LA Times piece notes that

Prior to sentencing, Lynch was given an opportunity to make a statement, in which she remained defiant. She blamed prosecutors for carrying out a “vicious attack” on her. She said if she wasn’t incarcerated she could stay away from Cohen and was “willing to go to anger management.”

… “I do believe that I have engaged in excessive and unauthorized rambling,” Lynch told the judge Tuesday.

Leonard Cohen’s Statement To Court

According to Leonard Cohen to Ex-Manager/Harasser: Thank You for Exposing Yourself by Tim Kenneally & Pamela Chelin in The Wrap (April 17, 2012), “Leonard Cohen read an impassioned and sometimes funny statement in court Tuesday, during the sentencing:”

I want to thank the Defendant Ms. Kelley Lynch for insisting on a Jury Trial, thus exposing to the light of day her massive depletion of my retirement savings and yearly earnings, and allowing the Court to observe her profoundly unwholesome, obscene and relentless strategies to escape the consequences of her wrongdoing.

The eight-year ordeal of harassment of my family, my friends, my associates, and myself was designed specifically to avoid or postpone the inevitable day of reckoning with the IRS, the day when she will be bound to account for the taxes she has neglected to pay on the stolen monies that she received and failed to report.

Leonard’s full statement follows:

Photo by Joe Wolf.

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