Leonard Cohen Employs You Have Loved Enough To Talk About “the great lesson of hip-hop…the interdependence between the words and the music”

[Contemporary music is either] telling the deep thoughts or…working the beat – there seems to be very little in between. The great lesson of hip-hop is that it has a thread and narrative, but it’s all about the environment. There’s interdependence between the words and the music.


Leonard Cohen


He mentions “You Have Loved Enough” as an example of this subterfuge. It’s a stately processional, not unlike others in the Cohen catalog – except there’s a little bit of R&B swagger in the drum programming, and there’s beautiful solo guitar running underneath, and Cohen’s jagged voice is smoothed over by Robinson’s layered harmonies.


That song is about relaxing in the midst of your desire. Whatever it is you want – a woman’s touch, unity with the whole enterprise, whatever you hunger for – you’re not going to get it by pushing. We couldn’t really express that if we were trying too hard ourselves. The music has to give the same message: Realize that it’s not in your hands all the time. Relax and get comfortable with the notion that we don’t run the show.


Leonard Cohen1



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