Leonard Cohen’s All-Time Best (Unpublished) Response To An Interviewer’s Question

Elegant Answers To Grandiloquent Questions: As I’ve repeatedly observed, Leonard Cohen gives good interview. I am especially taken with his responses to queries couched in highfalutin terms. This specimen, dated less than a month before Leonard’s death, is my personal favorite.


Dan Cairns: Do you ever – not literally, but figuratively – turn a corner and bump into yourself?


I’m worried about you, Dan


Leonard Cohen


From the Dan Cairns–Sunday Times Culture questionnaire Leonard Cohen sent me Oct 17, 2016. While some of that questionnaire was incorporated into Leonard Cohen: Hey, that’s some way to say goodbye by Dan Cairns (The Sunday Times: October 23, 2016), this specific response was not used in the final article. Graphic based on a photo by Kezban Özcan.


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