Single Tear Marks Leonard Cohen’s Performance Of Stranger Song On BBC’s Julie Felix Show – 1968

Leonard Cohen Demonstrates His Chop On 1st British TV Performance – Once More With Felix 1968

While the YouTube title and blurb report this performance was broadcast in 1967, the reliable Diamonds In The Mine and Cohen Live1 as well as the arguably less official but nonetheless dependably accurate bootleg listings date the recording and the broadcast as having taken place January 27, 1968.

The description from Diamonds In The Mine is especially informative:

Julie Felix, who met Leonard Cohen in Greece, introduces him singing The Stranger Song. He also covers Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye with Julie. Leonard’s first UK TV appearance is memorable for the tear he sheds at the end of Stranger. When shown this clip in 1993 by Jools Holland, Leonard commented “I never saw it, you know. I remember the evening, it was the first television show that I ever did in England, and one of the first I ever did anywhere. And Julie Felix invited me over to do it. So I have never seen that clip…. There’s an expression of “chops”, which musicians have to designate their excellence, their skill, and you say, like, “a musician has great chops”. Well, I have one “chop”. So you know, er, I’m demonstrating my “chop” there.


Leonard Cohen – The Stranger Song
Once More With Felix-BBC: 1968
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  1. Update: Diamonds In The Mine and Cohen Live are no longer online []

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