Ten Years Ago: DrHGuy & Duchess Announce Wedding


Note: This entry was originally posted Aug 11, 2011 in anticipation of our wedding, Aug 27, 2011.

I Know – I Can’t Believe It Either

I am, nonetheless, betrothed. The bride, Penny Paplanus, known on this site as The Duchess, is a delightful woman who meets my primary criterion — she’s too good for the likes of me but hasn’t figured out she could do much, much better.

My desperate hope is to keep her distracted with song, dance, snappy chatter, gifts, and such so she remains happy with me.

Duchess Of Durham wins role as Diva #2 in DDrHGuy's epic, "How To Make Chocolodka"
Duchess Of Durham wins role as Diva #2 in DrHGuy’s epic movie, “How To Make Chocolodka

In keeping with Authors’ Axiom #1, which holds that the purpose of life is to provide material for writers, there will be future posts about Penny, the courtship, the wedding preparations, the honeymoon plans…

At present, however, I am a tad overwhelmed at finding myself in love again. So, for today, I will limit my offerings to sharing my bride’s favorite song, which I had the privilege of introducing to her.

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love


Credit Due Department: The photo of DrHGuy and Duchess Of Durham in full smooch mode was taken by DrHGuy’s son, Prodigal (aka Samuel Showalter).

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