Searching For The Best Online Video Of The Partisan By Leonard Cohen: Ghent 2012

When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender
This I could not do
I took my gun and vanished.


In 2009, I posted Best Video Performance Of The Partisan by Leonard Cohen, naming the recording of that song from the 1988 Reykjavik show as my favorite. That video and, indeed, all the performance and interview videos from that concert have, however, been removed from YouTube (Update: An audio-only recording of The Partisan is now available). Today’s post offers one in a series of candidates for Best Online Video Of The Partisan Performed By Leonard Cohen. This video was suggested by AlanM5049, who wrote

My personal favorite is Albert Noonan’s version from Ghent on August 15, 2012, mainly because Mitch was standing for that performance. I think someone referred to UHTC for that song as “a band of gypsies”1 – very apt. Albert Noonan video – always reliably good sound and vision.

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan
Ghent: Aug 15, 2012

Video by albertnoonan

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  1. I suspect Alan’s reference is to this excerpt from Review: Leonard Cohen at Vector Arena by Russell Baillie (New Zealand Herald. Jan 23, 2009): “Somehow, Cohen’s ensemble, a sort of gypsy-soul rock-noir cabaret outfit dressed, as was their fedora-ed double-breasted leader like particularly stylish members of the French Resistance, were able to shrink the vastness of the venue down to the intimate scale of the music.” []

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