You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If – Your first thought on arriving at Granada’s Federico García Lorca Airport is “Why isn’t Montreal’s airport named after its greatest singer-songwriter-poet-novelist-icon? Or at least have a fedora on its sign”

This Warning Sign was inspired by a Facebook post by Luisa Ortigosa Hernández that featured the Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaen Airport and the idea that Montreal’s airport should be named after Leonard. Thanks to Montse Coque, who provided the identification.

While it’s still not known as the Leonard Cohen Montreal Airport, the Montreal terminal, to its credit, did place a Leonard Cohen fedora on its sign.

Since the publication of the official criteria for the prototypical Leonard Cohen Fan Diagnosis, Cohenphilic Personality Disorder, the Cohencentric Leonard Cohen Fan Disorders Asylum and Sanitarium has received numerous messages asking if one or another behavior is a symptom characteristic of a Leonard Cohen fan. Consequently, Cohencentric is publishing, as a public service, signs which indicate that one is at high risk of being a full-fledged Leonard Cohen fan.

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Photo by Andreuvv – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikipedia Commons

I am republishing selected posts from my former Leonard Cohen site, Cohencentric, here on (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen). This entry was originally posted Jul 31, 2017.

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