The Leonard Cohen Merchandise Notebook Vs Leonard Cohen’s Personal Notebook

The Leonard Cohen Official Notebook

The notebook shown above is one of the official Leonard Cohen merchandise items purchased by Mandy MacLeod at the Ghent concerts last week. It is emblazoned with the simultaneously funny and gasp-provoking line from Cohen’s song Different Sides, “Stop writing everything down.” (I got carried away and wrote a full post about that line at “Stop Writing Everything Down” – Great Leonard Cohen Lyric & Pretty Good Notebook Title.)

As denoted by the wraparound label, this notebook is manufactured by Moleskine, an Italian company based in Milan. Moleskine notebooks are expensive, classic, top of the line, and have a cult following of folks who spend lots of money on Moleskine products, endlessly debate details of new Moleskine items, go on about the first time they used a Moleskine, and habitually precede “Moleskine” with “legendary.”

Yep, Moleskine is The Leonard Cohen Of Notebooks.

Leonard Cohen’s Personal Notebook

On the other hand, Leonard himself has historically favored less prestigious notebook brands such as the pocket-sized Selectum 100 page spiral notebook he reads from in a 2006 interview done for Norwegian TV.

DrHGuy Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, I know Leonard owned at least one Moleskine notebook – because I gave it to him more than a decade ago.

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  1. If it’s made of real mole skin….so sad. Moles are so important for our fragile earth. Wonder how Leonard felt about using this little animals skin….

    Would love to see it in something more friendly

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