Leonard Cohen Sings, Reveals Holocaust Origin Of Dance Me To The End Of Love + Interview – Australian TV 1985


This video offers not only an outstanding performance of Dance Me To The End Of Love but also a six minute interview, which, thanks to the host’s miscues, provides key explanations of the origins of Dance Me To The End Of Love and the distinction between Suzanne who feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China and Suzanne who is the mother of Leonard Cohen’s children.

Leonard (Note: Yes, Mr Cohen sports slicked back hair, a dark suit, plaid shirt, and cowboy boots. Do not try this at home unless you, like Leonard, are a professional dapper dresser) sets off laughter as he deadpans his way through corrections to the host’s comments.

In response to the host observing that the film clip (from Dominique Issermann’s Dance Me To The End Of Love video) was shot in a “mental hospital,” Cohen points out

No, it was just an ordinary hospital where people get sick and die

And when Mr Walsh notes that Cohen “attracts” emotions like moroseness and sadness, the Canadian singer-songwriter opines

That’s what they say … My friends think I’m a barrel of laughs.

Anjani Thomas, Mitch Watkins, Leonard Cohen, Richard Crooks, John Crowder, Ron Getman


The screenshots, including views of Mitch Watkins, who also played in the 2012 Tour, and Anjani Thomas, are a wonderful bonus.

Anjani Thomas (keyboards, vocals), Mitch Watkins (guitar, keyboards, vocals)


Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love
Mike Walsh Show – Australian TV: 20 May 1985
Video uploaded by a1000kissesdeep

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One thought on “Leonard Cohen Sings, Reveals Holocaust Origin Of Dance Me To The End Of Love + Interview – Australian TV 1985

  1. This is the first time I have seen this video, but not the first time I have heard the song, obviously.
    Once again it shows the deepness that lay inside of Leonard, the use of words, where only saying enough, was enough.
    Whatever he said, or sung, came from deep within his mind, and heart. No one else I have seen or heard quite captures this way of expressing themselves.
    He was indeed, born with the gift of a golden voice, and which manifested itself from a golden, deep thinking, mind.

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