Leonard Cohen Doffs Hat, Sharon Robinson Waves: 2008 Lucca Dance Me To End Of Love Soundcheck Video

There is nothing spectacular about this video of Leonard Cohen’s soundcheck before the 2008 Lucca show, but I always enjoy seeing the backup singers and the band in mufti, especially Neil Larsen adorned with a rugby shirt and Javier Mas wearing his baseball cap backward. And, OK, I suppose that technically, Leonard is in civilian clothes as well, but how do you differentiate his concert costume from his everyday outfit?

More to the point, I am taken by Leonard responding, in the midst of solving some issue with the sound system, to fans applauding the abruptly ended song by doffing his hat and smiling at the crowd — an event followed a moment later by Sharon flashing her own winsome smile and waving. Consider my cockles warmed.


Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love
Lucca Soundcheck: July 27, 2008
Video by Todd Rongstad

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