Photos & Video: Leonard Cohen, A Life In Art – Austin Oct 30, 2012

Leonard Cohen, A Life In Art, the Oct 30, 2012, the KUT-sponsored program held on the eve of the first concert of the 2012 North American Tour, features Leonard’s entire band (except Neil Larsen), his backup singers, and Sylvie Simmons. This program has (deservedly) proven a highlight for Cohen fans. Consequently, I’m happy to find that KUT has uploaded the video of the program. In addition to a discussion of Leonard Cohen’s work, the video includes these performances:

  • Alexandra Leaving – Sharon Robinson:
  • Show Me The Place – Webb Sisters
  • Nancy [instrumental] – Band
  • Coming Back To You – Webb Sisters

The photos below are from Bob Kinney’s post, The Wonder of Leonard Cohen – Halloween 2012 Austin, which also includes his impressive report on both the Leonard Cohen, A Life In Art program and the Oct 31, 2012 Leonard Cohen Austin concert.



Video: Leonard Cohen, A Life In Art
KUT: Austin Oct 30, 2012

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