Leonard Cohen Attends Jackshit Concert – Jackson Browne Performs A Thousand Kisses Deep, Featuring Alex Bublitchi & Javier Mas: Santa Monica 2012


“Leonard Cohen’s mere presence in the house must have given
the band an extra-incentive to go the extra-mile”


The above photo, posted April 20, 2016 on Instagram, was taken at the June 24, 2012 Jackshit concert held at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, California. And, Leonard Cohen was not the only Unified Heart Touring Company member in attendance. It turns out that Alex Bublitchi and Javier Mas were on hand to perform “A Thousand Kisses Deep.”

Excerpts from Concert #642 – Jackshit at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, posted by Gabe June 24, 2012 at Concert Overload follow (the entire review is well-written, entertaining, and well worth reading and offers photos of both Alex Bublitchi and Javier Mas):


Those folks who are wondering why I’m always there when Jackshit plays Santa Monica should have been in the audience last night at McCabe’s. For me, the fun started with the spotting of Leonard Cohen, who walked in just before show time and quickly disappeared upstairs. I wasn’t expecting him to guest on the show – and he didn’t – but just being under the same roof with the artist who has been delighting me for decades gave me an unforgettable thrill.

Then there’s always the question about unannounced guests – will there be any? And yes, last night there were a few. Once again, Jackson Browne popped in as “Browne Shit” and delivered an outstanding four-song set that opened with Ween’s “Pretty Girl”, followed by Jackson’s own “Here Comes Those Tears Again” and “Running On Empty” and culminated with the playing of Leonard Cohen’s gorgeous “A Thousand Kisses Deep”, with additional support from Spanish guitarist Javier Mas and Moldavian violinist Alex Bublitchi, both from Leonard Cohen’s band. [emphasis mine]


Jackson Browne – A Thousand Kisses Deep
Featuring Alex Bublitchi And Javier Mas
McCabe’s Guitar Shop: June 10, 2012


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