“Dance Me To The End Of Love” Performed On Streets of Tehran On Day After Leonard Cohen’s Death

Because Music Is Life

I find this performance of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Dance Me To The End Of Love” by Tehran street buskers just after the Canadian singer-songwriter’s death especially moving. The following annotation was posted by Arash Bt at Leonard Cohen-Facebook:

I was walking the streets of Tehran when in the distance I heard that familiar melody of one of the greatest songs of all time, Dance Me to the End of Love, being played live by three young superb street musicians. It was the day after Leonard Cohen’s passing. And I couldn’t help but momentarily break into song as I approached them. I sat there and enjoyed a wonderful performance for nearly a half an hour, of all places, on a sidewalk, in Tehran! The whole thing was a bit surreal. Later, after befriending them, I learned that the accordionist, Payam Eghdami, was actually the composer for the closing score of the latest movie by Asghar Farhadi, The Salesman; a movie which is sure to win The Oscars this coming year for best foreign film. Yet there he was performing on a street in Tehran with his buddies, and risking being harassed by the random roaming moral enforcers (which actually did happen the following day at that same spot) for one and only one reason: because music is life.


Leonard Cohen – Streets of Tehran musicians

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  1. He must have been smiling as he watched this from where ever
    Thank you for sharing and much much thanks to these musicians

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