Leonard Cohen “Skipping Joyfully Off The Stage” Hits Sports Page As Good Example For Manny Ramirez

… that two-year, $45 million contract the Dodgers gave Manny Ramirez less than eight months ago … that’s sure looking like a sound investment these days, ain’t it? Hey, Leonard Cohen, at age 75, put everything into a terrific concert we attended last night at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, a concert that lasted over three hours and ended with one of the great singers of our lifetime skipping joyfully off the stage three times (and returning three times for encores). And Manny can’t run out a grounder in the NLCS, or even stay on the bench to watch his teammates, rather than take a shower during the final outs because he’s no longer in the game?


Wren’s plan for Braves: Get better by David O’Brien. Posted October 22, 2009 at AJC

I am republishing selected posts from my former Leonard Cohen site, Cohencentric, here on AllanShowalter.com (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen). This entry was originally posted October 22, 2009 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric.

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