Videos: Leonard Cohen Sung To, Danced With, Fondled By Perla Batalla & Julie Christensen On Swedish TV


Leonard Cohen + Swedish TV = Fun

Today, we offer two confections from Swedish TV. These videos feature Leonard Cohen, aided and abetted – as well as fondled – by Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen, performing “I’m Your Man” and “Tower Of Song” on the June 29/30,1988 edition of Jacob’s Backstage (Med Noje Pa Dalaro) Stockholm, Sweden. Both videos are set, for reasons never made apparent, against the backdrop of a pleasant lake, replete with pleasure boats and swimmers.

I’m Your Man

Screenshot: Official Closing Time Video


While the back-up singers’ flirtatious adoration of Leonard – of the sort also seen in the salaciously provocative Official Closing Time Video (see The Making Of The Leonard Cohen Closing Time Video: Outrageous Vamping, Go-Go Dancing, Erotic Gazing) – is the primary stage business in this video, at least two other small gems adorn this production.

1. I’d Say Please, Too

Just after 2:30 Leonard Cohen does his Roscoe Beck imitation, echoing his own “Pleeeeease.” (Note: While I respect Leonard’s many musical talents, I do not believe that those skills include the chops to replicate his own “Pleeeeease’” while simultaneously sustaining his first rendering of the same word.)

For comparison, the video below starts just before Cohen sings “I’d say ‘please,'” which is followed by Roscoe Beck joining in with “Pleeeeease.”

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
San Jose: Nov 13, 2009
Video from arlenedick15


2. Someone Makes A Splash

At 1:54 a diver springs into the lake over Julie Christensen’s right shoulder. As a guide, the screen capture is shown below with the diver’s body circled in red and Photoshopped into high contrast.

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Swedish TV: June 29/30, 1988
Video from Current Cohen (May be blocked in some countries)

Tower Of Song

While the action lacks the fondling that was key to the Official Closing Time Video, Perla Batalla’s never-shifting gaze fixed on Leonard and Julie Christensen’s dreamy look with sometimes closed and sometimes half-closed eyes prove sufficiently provocative.

I must defer to someone with more acute vision (or someone who owns one of those physics-defying CSI machines capable of enlarging the size of an image and simultaneously sharpening its focus) to describe what is going on that boat that enters the scene at 3:42 to the viewer’s right of Leonard. My best guess is that someone in a white skirt is dancing on the forward portion of the boat – or a porpoise wearing white bathing trunks is jumping over the bow of the boat.

Leonard Cohen – Tower Of Song
Swedish TV: June 29/30, 1988
Video from ScottishTeeVee (May be blocked in some countries)


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  1. These on the boat are lovely! Does someone know who was the arranger of the songs on the 1988 European tour? Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen and the wonderful oud player, etc.,etc., etc. I assume that Cohen was not his own arranger? Videos of this tour always seem to me to capture Cohen at the height of his powers and I always wish there were more of them.

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