Striking Images Of Leonard Cohen & His Band – Barcelona 1993

These screen captures from the 1993 Leonard Cohen TV broadcast warrant their own gallery. While all of the photos are worth a look, those featuring Paul Ostermayer on saxophone, the backup singers, Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla, and Bob Metzger, who also played guitar during the 2008-2010 World Tour, are splendid.

Note: The quality of individual screen captures is dependent on many factors, including the decisions and style of the original cameraman and director, the stage lighting (in 1993, Leonard had a whole lotta purple going on), the musician’s instrument (just finding the drummer hidden in his equipment was difficult), and location on stage (there are 5 screen captures for Julie Christensen, situated on one side, for every usable screenshot of Perla Batalla, who positioned between Julie and the other musicians).

Leonard Cohen


Julie Christensen, Perla Batalla, Leonard Cohen


Julie Christensen & Perla Batalla – vocals


Bob Metzger – guitars, pedal steel guitar


Paul Ostermayer – keyboards, saxophone, flute


Bob Furgo – keyboards, violin

Steve Meador – drums


Jorge Calderon – bass


Bill Ginn – keyboards

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