Leonard Cohen’s Reading List: “Intercourse” By Andrea Dworkin

Interviewer: Andrea Dworkin said that many men try to reassert old positions of power through the sex-act.


Well whether that’s true or not, the whole range of arguments in that book is quite radical and complex and beautiful. It’s the first book [Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin] I’ve read by an author, masculine or feminine, that has a defiance of the situation, which is deeply subversive in the holy sense – it’s other-worldly. She says that this world is stained by human misconception, that men and women have wrong ideas – even if they are ten million years old and come from the mouth of god, they are still wrong! The position in that book is so defiant and passionate that she creates another reality and just might be able to manifest it. It’s from that kind of appetite, with the way things are that new worlds arise, so I have deep admiration for Andrea Dworkin.


Leonard Cohen


Excerpted from Read Leonard Cohen’s exclusive interview with Hot Press from 1988 by Joe Jackson (Hot Press: 11 Nov 2016)

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The Leonard Cohen Reading List

The book referenced by Leonard Cohen, Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin, is the latest entry to the Leonard Cohen Reading List, a compilation of books commended by the Canadian singer-songwriter.

Author Andrea Dworkin
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Free Press
Publication date 1987
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)
Pages 257
ISBN 0-684-83239-9
OCLC 37625851

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The Original Leonard Cohen Reading List

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