Bellman’s 1993 Minneapolis Memory Of Leonard Cohen: “Super Nice Guy, Genius”

In the very early 1990’s I worked as a bellman at the Whitney Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. … one early afternoon I was summoned to the room of Mr. Leonard Cohen, he and his then girlfriend, actress, Rebecca De Mornay, had laundry that would need to go out. After arriving at their room we spent a few minutes chatting as they sorted their clothes … Mr. Cohen, one of the worlds great songwriter/poets called me ‘man’ perhaps 50 times, ‘hey man,’ ‘thanks man,’ ‘how you doin’ man?’ After a few minutes I was handed five identical button down gray, Dickies style ‘work’ shirts, all monogrammed in script with Leonard Cohen over the left pocket. Leonard Cohen, super nice guy, genius.



Leonard Cohen by Chris Miller (Earrings for your Lean-to: December 13, 2012)


Note: Leonard Cohen played the Minneapolis Minneapolis State Theatre June 22, 1993

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