“It was a thrill” Anjani’s Exquisite Performance Of Innermost Door (Lyrics By Leonard Cohen) – Jools Holland Show 2007

The Innermost Door

As is true for all the tracks on the Blue Alert album, the lyrics of The Innermost Door were written by Leonard Cohen with music composed by Anjani Thomas, who also performed the songs.

Leonard describes The Innermost Door as

something irreversible, but something inevitable. ‘Saying goodbye/at the innermost door,’ I suppose that has a certain finality, but a certain appropriateness too. I don’t know what it means, [but] Anjani brings the lyric to life.1

Anjani sang Innermost Door on the Jools Holland Show as part of the promotion of the Blue Alert album.

Anjani Talks About Jools Holland, The White Stripes, And Anjani

When I asked about about this performance, Anjani responded,

I was so honored to do on this show. Jools’ love for music and musicians is so real and supportive, and he’s a such a versatile artist that he played keyboards for The White Stripes in the same show!

This was filmed in a cavernous studio that was refrigerator cold. I could actually see my breath in the dressing room and had to wrap myself up in a towel and jump up and down to stay warm.

I was really happy that Jools played piano for me so I could focus on the vocal and not worry about my shivering hands.

When Meg and Jack came on the decibel level went off the charts. I have never heard a band make so much music out of guitar, bass and drums…

There was so much energy in the room it seemed to encourage the other bands on the show to play even louder to make an impression.

Talk about feeling old — I had my fingers in my ears for most of the filming! But it was a thrill and definitely the highlight of that tour.

Best Of Anjani

In light of the production values of the recording and, frigid environs notwithstanding, the quality of Anjani’s performance qualifies as the best available video of her work.


Anjani Thomas – The Innermost Door
Jools Holland Show: June 1, 2007
Video from a1000kissesdeep

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