“Free will is overrated” Leonard Cohen

The context of the quote is given in the excerpt below from Life Of A Ladies’ Man by Sarah Hampson (Globe and Mail: May. 25 2007):

“I always felt it [his life] was of one piece. I never felt I was going off on a tangent.” He admits, though, that he “drifted into things. I suppose there has been an undercurrent of deliberation, but I don’t really navigate it.” According to legend, it wasn’t until he encountered folk singer Judy Collins, in 1966, that he decided to publicly perform songs he had played for friends. The following year, she introduced some Cohen songs on her album, including his big hit Suzanne. It was in 1968 that he released his first album.

Cohen didn’t seek out a musical career as much as it seems to have found him. Which is what is happening now with his drawings. He appears to have fallen into a whole new career.

He takes in this observation, looks out the window for a moment and then brings his attention back into the room.

“That’s why I say free will is overrated,” he drawls in his smoky voice.

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