“My only interest and my compelling activity was to try to lift myself out of a chronic depression. And fortunately, through the grace of my teachers, I was able to do that.” Leonard Cohen On His Depression, Poland, The Zen Center, & Fans

In just over four minutes, this 2010 interview shown on Polish TV, some of which is given over to descriptions of him rendered in Polish, Leonard Cohen tells of his 40+ years of association with Poland, his duties at the Mt Baldy Zen Center, his many years of enduring depression, and his dedication to his fans. There are also some interesting shots of Cohen backstage (as in the screenshot atop this post) and during the soundcheck. Most interestingly, this is the only recorded interview I recall in which the Canadian singer-songwriter explicitly attributes the resolution of his depression to his teachers.


Note: A summary of Leonard Cohen’s depression, its treatment, and its disappearance is available at Leonard Cohen’s Depression, Its (Failed) Medical Treatment, & Its Resolution


Leonard Cohen Interview – Poland 2010
Video from coolcohen100

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