Photo: Leonard Cohen’s Color-coordinated Shirt & Car

In My Secret Life Official Video Wardrobe & Props

Until watching shots of the filming of the official In My Secret Life video, I hadn’t realized Mr Cohen’s shirt and car are color-coordinated. Now, as far as I can determine, there’s no special significance to the automobile-shirt color patterns (in fact, in the actual In My Secret Life video the scenes featuring Leonard Cohen and the car are are color-depleted to the point that the shirt colors are not identifiable): it’s just one of those How About That? items that amuse me and, one hopes, the occasional reader.

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A second How About That? tidbit is that the building seen in this video is Montreal’s Habitat 67 (see Official Video For Leonard Cohen’s “In My Secret Life” Set In Montreal’s Habitat 67)


Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life Official Video


The image atop this post is a screen capture from Leonard Cohen – Ten New Songs – Promo. This appears to be part of the filming of the video for In My Secret Life. (Update: this promo is no longer online).

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