When Israel’s Ambassador To Washington Insisted That Leonard Cohen’s Show Provided “incontrovertible evidence of an impending Israeli victory” In Yom Kippur War

Throughout the [1973 Yom Kippur] war, Mr. Peretz1 would often make tense, 6:30 a.m. phone calls to Simcha Dinitz, Israel’s ambassador to Washington at the time, to hear the latest battlefield developments. “One day Dinitz said, ‘The tide has turned,’ Mr. Peretz recalls. The newspapers told a different story but the ambassador insisted he had ‘incontrovertible evidence’ of an impending Israeli victory — the Israel Defense Forces had permitted Leonard Cohen to play a concert in Israel. Mr. Peretz got the message: If the Israelis were losing the war, the army would never have let the Canadian bard demoralize them with his famously depressing tunes. [emphasis mine]


Martin Peretz: From Truman to McGovern to Obama by Sohrab Ahmari (WSJ Aug 3, 2012)

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  1. Martin Peretz previously owned and managed The New Republic and is a member of the Washington Institute For Near East Policy Board of Advisors. []

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