The Commingled “Leonard Cohen – You Want It Fifty Shades Darker” Marketing Campaign

Ongoing readers may recall It’s On: Fifty Shades Of Grey Vs Fifty Shades Of Leonard Cohen, which noted

The official release of the much anticipated movie version of Fifty Shades Of Grey tomorrow (Feb 13, 2015) will, of course, inevitably lead to comparisons between that film and Fifty Shades Of Leonard Cohen, the video I put together two years ago. The Gray movie is based on a best selling novel, cost millions to make, has a cast of Hollywood stars, and features an outstanding soundtrack with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, and Annie Lennox. And, it is, after all, a professional production. Fifty Shades Of Leonard Cohen, on the other hand, has – well, it has photos of Leonard Cohen set to Timbuk3’s best known song (Update: It turns out that Leonard liked that song; see Leonard Cohen & Sunglasses: Animation, Quote, Cover Art, & The 50 Shades Of Leonard Cohen Video. Now, that hardly seems fair, but those other guys will just have to do their best with what they have.

Now, the Fifty Shades Of Grey folks are promoting a sequel – Fifty Shades Darker – at the same time Leonard Cohen is promoting his new album: You Want It Darker.

Coincidence? Well, of course it is, but has that ever stopped a conspiracy theory? Check out these parallels.

That poster atop this post is, in fact, part of the Fifty Shades Darker marketing campaign. I’ve added a line to the top to point out the obvious and adapted the tag line at the bottom.

Here’s the official Fifty Shades Darker teaser.


And here’s the incredibly unofficial Fifty Shades Of Leonard Cohen

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