Anjani On Making Breakfast For Leonard Cohen

PM: And in this, your third CD, the unique and amazing angle, of course, is that it’s such an unusual collaboration with your partner, Leonard Cohen.


PM: I mean, obviously it’s very rare that a poet or a songwriter will open their notebooks for mining, as it were, to anyone, right?

ANJANI: Right.

PM: Not to mention that these are not your average notebooks, of course.

ANJANI: But I do make him breakfast.

PM: [laughs] The most important meal of the day.

ANJANI: There is a bit of a tradeoff. It’s got to come up sooner or later. [laughs]

PM: And someone who will make you breakfast in your life, that’s a very special person. If you’re going to open your notebooks to somebody, let it be them.

ANJANI: [laughs] Right.1


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