A Performance Of Lover, Lover, Lover That Makes Leonard Cohen (And Us) Smile – Brussels 2013

And may the spirit of this song,
may it rise up pure and free.
May it be a shield for you,
a shield against the enemy.


Lover, Lover, Lover In 2013

Lover, Lover, Lover enjoyed a dramatic increase in popularity during the 2013 Tour. Leif Bodnarchuk, writing about this Brussels concert at his No Ideas blog, notes

Again, Lover Lover Lover gets a great reception; I don’t recall the song triggering extended applause when it was added to the set some time ago. I do remember (vaguely) when it was added; I’d never heard it before, and assumed it was a new song, but that shows you what I know. Regardless, it turns out to be wildly popular with audiences these days.

And check out the smile on Leonard’s face at the end.


Leonard Cohen – Lover Lover Lover
Featuring Javier Mas

Brussels: June 30, 2013
Video by Ingrid Van Daele

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