Leonard Cohen On Location: Los Angeles “It’s so desperate here that it’s really not bad at all”

It’s so desperate here that it’s really not bad at all. And, besides, this is the only city in the world where I’ve ever written a song while sitting in a driveway in a parked car.


Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen, quoted in What Happened When Phil Spector Met Leonard Cohen? by Harvey Kubernik (The Los Angeles Phonograph, January 1978).

Note: Leonard Cohen observed the 1992 LA Riots up close and personal from his home:

I live about 8 minutes drive from South Central & the local shops were going up. My 7-11 grocery store went up, Goodman’s Music where I buy my musical supplies, Radio Shack, where I buy my electronics, they all went up. From my balcony I could see five great fires. The air was thick with cinders.1

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  1. Melancholy Baby by John Walsh. The Independent Magazine: May 8, 1993 []

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