The Adam & Lorca Cohen Legal Action Against Robert Kory For Control Of The Leonard Cohen Family Trust

Introduction: First, a disclaimer: I know nothing about the legal proceedings between Leonard Cohen’s children, Adam & Lorca Cohen, and his manager/lawyer, Robert Kory, beyond what I’ve found online and information forwarded to me. Nonetheless, control of the Leonard Cohen Family Trust is legitimately of interest to Cohenites. So, I offer these available details.


According to Leonard Cohen Children Seek Assets From Dad’s Ex-Manager,

The children of the late Leonard Cohen are asking a judge to order their father’s onetime manager to turn over all assets from the Leonard Cohen Family Trust and other items to them, saying they and not the ex-manager are the rightful co-trustees of the trust.

I’ve received these documents “dismissing the petition of the Cohen kids to remove Robert Kory as Trustee.” The first is Robert Kory’s response to Adam & Lorca’s suit.

Download (PDF, 181KB)

The second is the court’s dismissal of the “emergency relief” petition.

Download (PDF, 169KB)

The dismissal of the “emergency relief” petition notwithstanding, the original case – whatever it might be – remains pending.


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5 thoughts on “The Adam & Lorca Cohen Legal Action Against Robert Kory For Control Of The Leonard Cohen Family Trust

  1. Unbelievable that Leonard’s remarkable and courageous success in old age and the money it generated, has resulted in this bitter dispute. Sad indeed!

  2. I wish Adam and Lorca the best in their quest to control their father’s family trust.
    “Only take what is yours from the storeroom universe!” LC
    This is yours!

  3. Regarding the statement that Leonard refused to see his children in the last months of his life, I am reminded of what Eric Lerner says in the final chapter of his book. “… in the final weeks the deterioration of his body drove his mind into a hell he never could have imagined. He couldn’t let them in the door because he couldn’t bear for his children to experience him as anything less than the delighted and delightful father they’d always known.” …..”You can’t stand their fear and you can’t stand the sorrow you’re causing them. He told me all of that. He wanted me to tell it to his kids because he couldn’t.”

  4. I find this utterly predictable and, on Cohen’s behalf, Kory/Rice, et al. lied from 2005 until his death about me in legal documents, declarations, etc. That will be dealt with from a federal tax point of view and I have advised all parties, including Adam and Lorca Cohen, to stop submitting false and perjured statements to courts of law about me. Having said that, Kory’s arrogance towards Cohen’s children is appalling. Their father should have paid the millions he borrowed from corporate entities (not his piggy bank), and the default judgment is evidence of nothing whatsoever. The harassment had to do with my legitimate requests for federal tax information re. corporations. That issue will be resolved with the federal government.

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