Video: Leonard Cohen Swings, Skips, Romps Through Closing Time – Venice 2009

Leonard, Are We Having Fun Yet?

Leonard Cohen’s performance of “Closing Time” in Venice is outstanding. He is confident and in full control, he sings well, and – most significantly – he looks like he’s having fun.

Ongoing readers may recall my recent description of “Here we go” Leonard Cohen Performs Closing Time And Possibly Best Skipping Of Tour – Belfast 2009

First, note how, at 5:50, Cohen pauses to make the transition from prayerfully saluting the audience to preparing himself for the floor exercise.

He strikes the classic starting position with his left arm held across his midsection for balance and then simultaneously lifts his right arm above his head and his right knee to waist height for power. After holding that posture for an instant, he kicks down, attaining excellent velocity and elevation on his initial thrust, all the while maintaining near-perfect form.

Well, Cohen’s skipping in Belfast was, as noted, excellent, but his skipping in Venice appears to have earned both style and power points that exceed the Belfast effort.

His wind-up, shown in the screenshot atop this post, is awesome, and the entire skipping sequence (at the end of this video) is impressive.

And, at the very end of the video, watch Roscoe Beck’s demonstration of fancy hat twirling.1

Caveat: I acknowledge that this video is imperfect. It is, however, the only recording of Closing Time from the 2009 Venice show and, given the joyfulness of Leonard Cohen’s performance, I can’t resist posting it.


Leonard Cohen – Closing Time
Venice: August 3, 2009
Video by AintNoCureForLove



  1. Special thanks to Linda Sturgess, who pointed out Beck’s chapeau spinning. []

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