Videos: Leonard Cohen & Lisbon Sing So Pretty Together On So Long Marianne + Blooper Version Of I’m Your Man (2010)

Leonard Cohen And Lisbon Sing So Pretty Together

While many concert-goers have expressed their preference that audience participation be limited to applause after a song ends, it is difficult to fault the overwhelming affection for Leonard Cohen and the unalloyed joyfulness displayed in this Lisbon singalong. From the huge smile on Cohen’s face following the first line, “Won’t you come over to the window, my little darling,” one is forced to conclude that he approves as well – or that he does a world class job of faking it. Also noteworthy is Leonard’s trademark skipping as he comes onstage.

Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne
Lisbon Sept 20, 2010
Video from Juanluiscc


From The Blooper Reel: Lisbon Makes Leonard Cohen Forget So Very Much One Boxer

In this set of lyrics, Leonard leaves out his offer to become a boxer for you but does double up on his doctor proffer, one of whom will “step into the ring for you.”

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Lisbon Sept 20, 2010
Video from adolfob222

Credit Due Department
: Cohencentric hereby executes a tip of its Cohen-inspired fedora to asdeguia, the reader who pointed out the special Lisbon variation in “I’m Your Man.”

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