“My work is like ice cubes in a drink. It just changes the drink.” Leonard Cohen

I like the metaphor, and I’m not sure what it means, but it seems to be right, that I feel my work is like ice cubes in a drink. It just changes the drink. Even though the songs are dense and carefully worked out, it’s very difficult to say exactly what they mean or stand for. but like the taste of cold water, it’s refreshing.


Leonard Cohen

From Leonard Cohen: Pondering His Past and ‘The Future’ by Scott Crawford (Intermission, Stanford Daily: April 8, 1993).

Also See “I think, like tofu, the song takes on the flavour of the emotional gravy of what you sense. If one needs one’s own suffering to be addressed, I think you can find that component in a song.” Leonard Cohen

Note Re The Photo Atop This Post: There must be a shot of Leonard Cohen with a drink containing ice cubes, but, if that is so, I haven’t found it.

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