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I’m a heavy duty reader, sporadic scribbler, perpetual cynic, successful shrink, hard-core dilettante, and devotedly irreverent Leonard Cohen fan who is, in Andy Warhol’s felicitous phrase, “deeply superficial.” A nonpracticing agnostic, I live with my wife, The Duchess, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where I aspire to transcend my misanthropic state to become a genteel curmudgeon.


In the beginning was 1HeckOfAGuy.com…

1HeckOfAGuy.com was a hodgepodge of essays, poetry, music, oddities, jokes, photos, videos, visual puns, and, of course, much, much more. Then, I went on a Leonard Cohen jag to the point that new content was 95% Cohencentric. In 2015, things began to slide, slide in all directions. 1HeckOfAGuy.com and its sibling site, DrHGuy.com, had to be dismantled and are now inaccessible.

Cohencentric.com, emerged March 6, 2015 to become, by far, the most popular Leonard Cohen site, publishing over 7,700 posts chock-full of information, photos, videos, animations, audio recordings, and humor and accumulated over five million hits before it went dark on Nov 3, 2018. There was no formal relationship between Cohencentric.com and Leonard Cohen (or Leonard Cohen’s management or his record label). Up until his death on Nov 7, 2016, Leonard frequently visited this site and contributed photos and information. He seemed to like much of what I posted, although it would be easy to mistake his graciousness for approbation. In any case, the opinions expressed, as the broadcast disclaimer goes, are my own and cannot be attributed to Mr Cohen unless so specified. I met Leonard Cohen on a handful of occasions because of this blog, and he has answered a batch of queries I have posed to him. I also served for a time as a contributing editor on the official Leonard Cohen Facebook Page.

AllanShowalter.com, my current site, is a return to the original hodgepodge of topics, along with selected Cohencentric posts featuring Leonard Cohen.

That great waterfall photo used in the AllanShowalter.com header was taken by Neil Ellis.

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