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The Leonard Cohen Online Directory is a one-stop reference page providing the best Leonard Cohen resources from all over the internet. The Directory comprises a continuously updated collection of annotated links to specific items organized into meaningful categories. The Leonard Cohen Online Directory was originally posted Apr 26, 2015; I am now revising, updating, and republishing the Directory.


In Memory Of Leonard Cohen

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In Memory Of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen died Nov 7, 2016. The following links lead to articles and posts that are especially informative, gracious, interesting, or evocative.

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Lists & References

Leonard Cohen Timeline

  • I Can’t Forget: Leonard Cohen Timeline (Cohencentric/AllanShowalter.com) Events of Leonard Cohen’s life & career on a timeline with audio & video recordings and links to more information
  • Beautiful Loser Timeline by Michael Barclay (Exclaim.ca) Prose timeline of Leonard Cohen’s life written in a succinct, interesting, and extraordinarily readable fashion

Discography, Lyrics, and Cover Art

  • Discography (LeonardCohenFiles)
  • Song Index (LeonardCohenFiles) Songs listed alphabetically with links to albums & lyrics
  • Concordance (WebHeights) A concordance to the poems, prose, and songs of Leonard Cohen

Covers Of Leonard Cohen Songs

Covers Of Songs Performed By Leonard Cohen

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Leonard Cohen Nicknames

  • Leonard Cohen, AKA – The Nicknames (Cohencentric/AllanShowalter.com) An annotated list of nicknames applied to Leonard by journalists, friends, family, lovers, fans, and even Mr Cohen himself that have been memorialized in print.


Articles & Essays


Leonard Cohen’s Songwriting (Articles)

Leonard Cohen’s Poetry & Novels (Articles)

2008-2013 Tours

  • On the Road, for Reasons Practical and Spiritual by Larry Rohter (NY Times: Feb 24, 2009) One of the few interviews during the early years of the 2008-2010 Tour. Focus is on reasons for the tour but also covers his experience with Zen Buddhism.
  • Cohen Wore Earplugs To A Dylan Show? Full transcript of Brian Johnston’s June 4, 2008 backstage interview in Hamilton. Includes 5 minute video excerpt. Topics: fedoras, lawyers, Anjani, Dylan, antidepressants, drinking professionally, smoking heavily, the zen of cognac, & the difficulty of singing Suzanne.
  • Bow Down Before The Sage From Mt Baldy by Gautam Malkani (Financial Times Jan 27, 2012 – registration required) Addresses the psychoeconomics that dominated the past few years of Leonard Cohen’s career; analytic, reality-focused (although the word “mystic” is fearlessly brandished), and inspirational.

Old Ideas, Popular Problems, Live In London, Songs From The Road, & Can’t Forget Albums

Leonard Cohen Songs In Movie & TV Soundtracks

The Mount Baldy-Zen Monk Experience

Leonard Cohen & Ramesh Balsekar – India

Hydra & Marianne Ihlen

Leonard Cohen’s Special Connections: Ireland

  • Songs Of Longing by Joe Jackson (The Irish Times: Nov 3, 1995; accessed at LeonardCohenFiles) Cohen interview with emphasis on Irish influence on music
  • 2014 Leonard Cohen Event in Dublin Booklet (LeonardCohenFiles: August 2014) “Welcome from Paula” (p4) summarizes the Cohen links to Ireland. Pages 6-9 include photos of and information about Cohen’s Irish shows.
  • Hallelujah — hats off to the master as Cohen bows to his hero Yeats by Paddy Clancy and Ken Sweeney (Irish Independent: Feb 8, 2010) Account of Cohen’s references to Yeats at the 2010 Lissadell House shows.
  • A Secular Saint by Brian Boyd (Irish Times, Jan 28, 2012) Wide-ranging interview with a section on Yeats, Cohen’s Irish nanny, and the Sligo & Royal Hospital Kilmainham shows.

Leonard Cohen & Joni Mitchell

Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, & Death Of A Ladies’ Man

Leonard Cohen Collaboration With Sharon Robinson

Leonard Cohen Collaboration With Philip Glass

Judaic & Other Religious Influences On Leonard Cohen’s Work

Leonard Cohen & The Yom Kippur War

Leonard Cohen’s Symbolism

Sui Generis & General Interviews

  • Who held a gun to Leonard Cohen’s head? by Tim de Lisle (The Guardian: September 17, 2004) 70 facts about Leonard Cohen on the occasion of his 70th birthday
  • Ladies and Gents, Leonard Cohen by Jack Hafferkamp. (Rolling Stone: Feb. 4, 1971) One of best summaries of Leonard Cohen’s career through 1970. Engagingly, colorfully written.
  • Conversations from a Room by Tom Chaffin (Canadian Forum: August/September 1983) An outstanding interview saturated with significant Cohen quotations on performing concerts, Montreal, poetry, politics, songwriting, and housecleaning.
  • Leonard Lately – A Leonard Cohen Interview by Bill Conrad (No Depression: May 7, 2012) Report of a 1976 interview that includes Leonard Cohen giving Willie York LSD, quotations not found elsewhere, & two shows “at the cozy Exit-In, a club with less than 150 seats” not listed in any reference.
  • St. Leonard’s Passion by Liel Leibovitz, (Tablet: Jan 31, 2012). Strong on Cohen’s early career, especially the 1970 Isle of Wight appearance.
  • Interview / Leonard Cohen by Alan Twigg. Date: 1979, 1984, 1985 (ABC Bookworld) Wide-ranging interviews, especially strong on philosophy behind Cohen’s work
  • Porridge? Lozenge? Syringe? by Adrian Deevoy, (Q Magazine, 1991) (LeonardCohenFiles) Another wide-ranging interview: refers to “I’m Your Fan” tribute album, his poetry & novels, & his musical evolution
  • Leonard Cohen, Pain Free by Sheldon Teitelbaum (Los Angeles Times: April 5, 1992) An especially thoughtful interview and a discerning profile.
  • Conversation Between Leonard Cohen And Arthur Kurzweil (LeonardCohenFiles) Interview focused on Cohen’s Judaic heritage
  • The Counterfeiter Begs Forgiveness: Leonard Cohen and Leonard Cohen by Stephen Scobie (University of Western Ontario) Keynote address at 1993 Leonard Cohen Conference. Good critical review of Cohen’s career to that point.
  • Suzanne Vega Interviews Leonard Cohen October 1992 (Suzanne Vega Site) The title notwithstanding, this is as much a case of Leonard Cohen interviewing Suzanne Vega. Regardless, the content is informative and fun.
  • Leonard Cohen and the Bay of Pigs by Evan Fleischer. Somersault Magazine: December 13, 2012) Summary of Cohen’s trip to Cuba in 1961, mostly culled from biographies.
  • Broken Offering by Tim Footman (Aeon: Nov 16, 2012) An insightful, enlightening, well written, must-read essay on Leonard Cohen and religion.
  • A Session With Poet Cohen: (Page C-4 – first page & Page C-5 – second page) by Jon Whyte, et al. The Gateway, Dec 2, 1966 (University of Alberta Libraries) Topics: Life & Death, Religion & Ritual, Relationship Of Art To Reality, Significance Of Poetry, LSD …
  • Leonard Cohen Interview – Kathleen Kendel: Pacifica Radio WBAI Radio, NYC, Dec 4, 1974. While the questions are basic and have been asked before, the responses are high quality. Well worth a listen.
  • Cohen Down The Road by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, May 22, 1976. (Reality Now!) Especially strong on songwriting & understanding Cohen’s songs
  • Leonard Cohen’s Interview With Anjelica Huston. Interview: November 1995. Found. at Remembering Leonard Cohen by Anjelica Huston (Interview: Nov 11, 2016). Topics include Leonard’s stay at the Mt Baldy Zen Center, his feelings about those who cover his songs,dealing with passion, panic, depression, & growing old,cultural violence.The Future album,love, compassion

General Critiques

Essays On Specific Leonard Cohen Songs & Writings

Articles On Literature, Films, & Art About Or Inspired By Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s Work As A Source Of Succor

  • Why I Love Leonard Cohen by Ahmed Rashid (New York Review of Books: Nov 15, 2012) Excerpt: “[Leonard Cohen:] A spiritual man for these unspiritual times, someone with whom you can shed the weight of reality, your fears and concerns”
  • Roger Ebert: The Essential Man by Chris Jones. (Esquire: March 2010. Note: Pertinent section begins at 14th paragraph) Roger Ebert, who died in 2013 from thyroid cancer, found succor in Leonard Cohen’s music. “There was one song in particular he played over and over: “I’m Your Man,” by Leonard Cohen. That song saved his life.”
  • Maziar Bahari On The Music Of Leonard Cohen: “Of such stuff is survival made” (Cohencentric / AllanShowalter.com) Bahari, reporting on the presidential election in Iran, was imprisoned in June 2009 for being “an agent of foreign intelligence organizations.” Tortured & threatened with death, he credits his psychological survival to being able to using Cohen’s songs to create a “parallel universe” in which he could reside apart from his physical surroundings.

Special Collections Of Leonard Cohen Articles

Collections of articles about Leonard Cohen at a specific journal, newspaper, blog, etc.

Alternative Methodology: Search Google for
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Online Audio and Video Recordings

Videos: Live Musical Performances

Videos Featuring Audio Recordings (+ Associated Photos) Of Live Musical Performances

Video & Audio Recordings: Live Poetry Readings

Video & Audio Recordings: Other Leonard Cohen Performances

Video & Audio Recordings of Interviews

Other Videos: Biographical, Tributes, Film Clips, Animated…

  • Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen (National Film Board of Canada 1965) A collection of Cohen poetry readings, talks, & interviews (some very funny). Made before his first album.
  • Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man on Amazon Prime..(Lian Lunson – 2006) Performances by and interviews with musicians influenced by Cohen (including Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, Rufus Wainwright, Beth Orton, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and many more) as well as Cohen himself.
  • Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (BBC 1988) Documentary: 15 songs from the 1988 Tour plus interviews and footage of Cohen’s childhood and early career.
  • Growing Up Leonard Cohen (Cohencentric video) Photos and video clips pertinent to Leonard Cohen’s childhood and adolescence in Montreal.
  • Portrait Intime (aka Leonard Cohen on Mt Baldy) by Armelle Brusq Documentary shot in Spring 1996 about Leonard Cohen’s experience at the Mt Baldy Zen Center
  • Leonard Cohen Lonesome Heroes (11 videos) A documentary that focuses on Cohen’s musical and literary influences. Draws heavily from other films and videos.
  • Leonard: Adrienne Clarkson’s 1989 Leonard Cohen Documentary. Excellent documentary with clips from earlier videos interspersed with then current scenes.
  • Philip Glass on Working with Leonard Cohen (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Glass talks about working with Cohen on the Book of Longing production.
  • Leonard Cohen & Philip Glass – London: October 20, 2007 Cohen & Glass answer questions prior to the UK premiere of The Book of Longing. Also includes a recitation of A Thousand Kisses Deep, Cohen’s report of his first interview with Roshi, & his announcement he would be going on tour in 2008.
  • Leonard Cohen Turns 80 (CBC: The National) A delightful collection of clips from Leonard Cohen performances & interviews 1966-2012.

Video Collections



Special Shots

Photo Collections

  • Wikipedia Commons: Many large, high quality photos of Leonard Cohen, all of which are available for use without charge under Creative Commons License
  • Leonard Cohen Facebook Timeline Photos A constantly growing grab bag with studio photos by professionals, concerts shots, illustrations … well worth exploring.
  • A Leonard Cohen Minute: Many photos of Leonard Cohen and his associates as well as videos, quotations, and information.



Leonard Cohen’s Handwritten Notebooks & Drafts Used To Create Songs

Humor – Best Humor About Leonard Cohen: Parodies, Spoofs, Jokes…

From Other Perspectives

  • Leonard Cohen Scrapbook (Jem Treadwell) Clippings from the UK music press collected years ago—mostly during the seventies.

Leonard Cohen’s Montreal

Leonard Cohen’s Hydra

Leonard Cohen’s Los Angeles & Mt Baldy Zen Center

Cohenite Connections

Leonard Cohen Forum

  • LeonardCohenForum.com If Leonard Cohen had an official fan club (Leonard calls us “friends” not “fans”), this would be the official fan club site. It includes esoteric debates about kabbalistic influences on Cohen’s songs, detailed descriptions of the individual 2008-2013 concerts, ticket pre-sales, lust-driven discussions of Cohen’s attractions for women, official announcements of tours, and much, much more – as well as the occasional pronouncements from Cohen’s management or the Man himself delivered through webmaster Jarkko Arjatsalo. One can lurk and visit but not post without signing up. Registration is free and entails no untoward obligations. Highly recommended.

Leonard Cohen Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are, by a large margin, where the most Leonard Cohen fan interaction takes place on a day to day basis. Discovering which Leonard Cohen Facebook Group fits a fan’s needs is largely a matter of trial and error. An incomplete list of general Leonard Cohen Groups, some public and some closed, follows: